Hi,Thanks for showing interest in knowing about us.

Rewardsinn is India’s Premiere Loyalty and Rewards site founded by two aspiring engineering graduates. Rewardsinn is a site which is founded by Indians, is developed by Indians, is run by Indians. Our main goal is to encourage budding online shoppers in India by offering them reward points and thereby trying to achieve our goal to “take India Online”.

We are currently in agreement with most of your favorite online stores to provide you a completely different online shopping experience. We will be providing exclusive reward points for every transaction and you can use coupons on top of this. Our services are free and will always be free to use. You can also earn extra points from our referral system which is of top class.

Our team Rammohan, Raju who are all engineering students from VIT University with a common aim of increasing the savings of common people by providing them with best deals of the industry. We dream big but our dream not only includes our goals but also welfare of all Indians.

Finally to sum it up we are here to encourage Indians to Shop Smart and Shop Sensibly.So help us in making this attempt a success.