1) What is Rewardsinn?

A) Rewardsinn is India’s premiere Online Rewards Store. Also most trusted loyalty program in India. We are partnered with more than 150 of your favourite online retailers.

2) How much Does it Cost?

A) Our program is free to join and always will be free.In addtion we are providing 20 cash for free when you Sign Up

3) Which retailers are available?

A) All most all of your favorite retailers are available in our network. Rewardsinn is the only site which gives returns on your favourite store flipkart.

4) How do you get cashback?

A) Basically its a simple three step process

  1. Login/Sign Up in to your Rewardsinn account
  2. Select your favourite store or deal
  3. Shop normally on your favourite store and get free cash for every transaction you make

5) Can we use coupons?

A)Yes, you are free to choose coupons from our list and apply them at your checkout. There will no link between coupons and your reward cash for most of the sites.For sites which are there we will notify you in advance

6) How to ensure my link gets tracked?

A)Here at rewardsinn we employ world class tracking system. All your earnings are mostly refelected in your account within 2 days. But to avoid any mistracking we suggest you not to use any other coupons site or cashback sites for this purpose after being redirected to Online Store. For any missing transaction you can always contact us through mail rewardsinn@gmail.com

7) Why my earnings are not updated?

Here are the reasons why you may not have received cashback
1) Going to retailer website directly.
2) Clicking the deal on multiple coupon sites.
3) Closing the window and directly opening the retailer website
4) Not logged in to your rewardsinn account
5) Not completed the transaction.

8) How much can I earn?

A) There is no limit on the cash you can earn.The amount will depend on category of good you have purchased and the price of that commodity


5) What is “Invite a Friend/Referral System”?

A) In Rewardsinn you will be given a unique referral link for every user. When your friend comes to rewardsinn through that link and signs up, you will be earning 10% of his earnings for Lifetime. Also when your friend refers another user “X” you will be given 1% of that users earnings.

6) My referral earnings are not updated?

A) Since some of retailers do not approve multi level marketing we may not award referral cash for earnings from those sites. However you will be clearly notified when referral system is not applicable for the retailer in Terms and Conditions.

7)What are Alpha and Beta Referrals?

A) Alpha status is given to users who are directly referred by you. Beta status is given to users who are referred by your referral.

8) How much can I earn through referrals?

A) For Alpha Referrals -10% of their earnings
For Beta Referrals-1% of their earnings.

10)For how much time can I earn through referrals?

A)You referrals earnings remain active for Lifetime.

11)What is the use of referral system?

A) Through this system you can start earning without actually shopping.

Redeeming Cash:

1. What is minimum amount of cash for which I can request redemption?

A)The limit is set to 100 rewards cash where you already start on 20 cash when you sign up.

2.How can I can redeem that cash?

A) Rewardsinn provides a wide range of options for you to redeem your cash such as
1. Free Mobile Recharge
2. Select an item from our gift Store for free
3. Place any order of any item from any store(Online Stores Only)
4. Vouchers from Flipkart and Myntra
5. Also many more exciting Ways

3. How much time does a request takes?

A) Usually all requests are completed within one business day. For Gift store items and Place an order , it takes the usual delivery time of the retailer.

4. Which cash can I use for redemption?

A) You can use your confirmed total cash for redemption. However you cannot spend the pending cash till they are confirmed.

Rewards Cash:

1) What is missing cash?

A) This option is provided for the orders which are not tracked. Kindly send us the details and the missing cash will be credited into your account by the end of the month.

2) What is Pending cash?

A)This is the cash which is initially tracked when an order is placed through us.These cannot be used for redemption.

3)What is total cash?

A) This is the pending cash which had been converted after confirmation.(When order is received and Return Period is over).

4) What is referral cash?

A) This is the cash which are earned through referral system.

5) What is the value of Rewardpoint?

A) Since it is a type of Virtual Currency its value can change according to deals.Currently 2 cash=1 INR